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I have heard you My child, and I know where you are.  I see all that you are going through.  You are in a place of solitude.  I have you in a place where you have never been before, and you're very uncomfortable.  A place where no one knows or can discern your call or the purpose for what you are going through.  

Is it not I who have hidden you? Is it not I who chose to put you in this place?  Is it not I who controls your life? Yes, and it is I who chose to hide my plan and purpose of this call from those who surround you.  Yes, no man will interfere with what I am doing in your life.  

You see My child were called, chosen and ordained by Me, for My purpose.  And in this place of solitude, this place of not understanding, this place of feeling passed over, that it will reveal how much you love Me.  It is in this place that you are being refined. It is in this place that your heart is being tried and tested to see if you will continue to serve me or serve man.  

I want you to be strong My child, for I am with you.  I want you to humble yourself before Me as I destroy the spirit of pride that exists in your life.  I know, you didnít know that it was there, but I did.  And I want you to continue to draw nearer to Me as I crucify your flesh.  And painful as it may be, it is a process that we canít avoid.  I say we, because I will be with you until the end.  Remember, I promised never to leave you, nor forsake you.  Together, we will make it through. And you will begin to confess over and over, even in your sleep, ďIt is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me. Christ and I are one.  Surely I have been crucified with ChristĒ  

So once more, I say to you, be strong and be not discouraged while in this place that no man knows.  But rejoice for You are in My Perfect Will, and I shall bring you forth in due season. Know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I have you in My hands. You have been found faithful and have touched My Heart, and I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.