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 No, thatís not for you.  Let it go.

I know you think itís was what you need, but you must let it go  

It will hurt you if you don't let it go

I have something better for you if you will let it go.

Oh I know it may feel right, and things may seem to fall into place,

Things arenít always what they seem, what you are feeling is not from Me. 

Youíre walking after the flesh and not in the Spirit.  Let it go.



 I understand you have needs,

I understand you what you are feeling,

I donít want this to hurt you, and it will, if you donít let it go.

Donít allow it to destroy all that you have suffered for, let it go


I want you to release the pain of the past and move ahead with Me.

You canít bring the past with you, you canít hold onto it while walking with Me

  It has no place with Me, I am your future  

Forgive, you must forgive.  Forgive all that have hurt you,

You must turn lose that which is not of Me. 

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old

You canít move forward with Me while holding onto your past

That which is not of Me will lead to death, Let it go. 

Didnít I promise I would do a new thing in you?

It will come forth, I will make a way in the wilderness for you,  if you let it go

Donít look at what they are doing, donít look at what they have

They are not with Me, you are

Is it worth your walk with Me?

Is it worth the joy that I have given you?

Is it worth your salvation, which I died for?

It wonít open the doors of Heaven, it will only hold you in bondage,

 Let it go.


I am all that you need. 

Havenít I always been right on time?

Havenít I always made a way out of no way?

Why do you doubt Me now?

Stop listening to what they are saying.  Why do you care what they say?

I am greater than any circumstance you will ever face.

Now, give it to Me, you canít handle it, itís too much for you to bear

Let it go, take your hands off of it,  and give it to Me. 

Donít look back, take My hand, and walk with Me

My child, let it go