Mat 5:8  Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.



I see your heart daughter, there is no doubt, your heart is pure. 

You have a sincere desire to be closer to Me. 

I honor that desire because of My grace. 

My soul prevails for you daughter.  The works that I do, you shall do.

You are Mine. 


I love you so much My child.  You have a clean heart, noble desire. 

I grant your heartís desire. 

Go forth in My power, in the power of My spirit. 

I have anointed you, go forth and preach. 

Thatís why I have given you My spirit.


Youíre My vessels, My vessels. 

I need somebody who would dare to be more like Me. 

My blessings are upon you.  I see your requests. 

I have seen your cries. 


Walk in the power I have given thee.  I am with you. 

I will prepare the way for you.  Look to Me on the inside of you.

 I will give good and wholesome instructions.

You must stand in the gap.  You must stand in the gap.