You are where you are because this is where I need you to be. 
You have not failed Me, nor have I failed you, so stop feeling like you have. 
I see you; I see all that you are going through. 
I will bring you through this trial, if you hold onto My hand.

Stop worrying about what you havenít done,
the things you havenít accomplished, and start looking at what you have done. 
You must take the time to remember.

Yes, I tell you to remember. 
Remember the words you spoke in My name that saved a life
when they thought all hope was gone.
Remember how you laid on your face and prayed through the
night until the captives were set free.
Remember the days and days of fasting just to hear a word from Me
so you could be a blessing to those that were hungry to hear from Me. 

I say to you if you take the time to remember,
you will soon forget there is no failure in Me.