You don't have time to turn back

I've said it once, and will say unto again. You can't even think of think of turning back now. Your calling and giftings I gave to you are without repentance. I haven't changed my mind about my choosing you. I am not a man that I can lie, nor do I make a mistake in whom I call. I knew this day would come and you would be feeling like this, so I have come to you now to let you know I am with you, in the midst of all your suffering I am here, and you can't quit, I need you.  Yes I need you. 

Your wounds and pain have been speaking to you. I know your pain has become intense.  It seems as though it will never quit, and you are ready to through the towel in, but the pain will let up. Look at all the pain Moses, Elijah, Joseph, endured and how they wanted to give up, but at the critical moment I was there. I never left them, I was with them in the midst of their suffering, it was I who said ENOUGH, and pulled them out of the fire. It  was I who said when they were ready. Then, and only then, were they ready  move on to their next step in coming closer to me.  So it is has become with you, you feel you are going through the fire, and you are ready to come out, You must not come out before your time. Pray on my child, you are being refined, I am the one you will say ENOUGH.  I know when you are ready.

Now I say unto you, be careful that you do not heed the voices of the one who are seeking to discourage and discredit you. This is a critical moment for you. And it would be far easier to turn back and seek a life of ease, than to press your way through to the Kingdom. But if you do turn back you would be giving up the most precious thing in your life, MY calling and MY giftings to you. If you turn back now who will help My people, if you turn back now who will set the captives free, if you turn back now how will they know that I am real? I say unto you, No man, No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. If you turn back, MY soul would have no pleasure it.  Keep your hand to the plough.

Listen to me now. Go back and review and rehearse the vision I gave to you. I know you have them written down.  Go back and review them, for I spoke them to you, and they are real. Keep the vision before you, set your face like flint towards that vision. Surely your reward will come. I have given you the strength that you will need in order to both take your stand against the enemy and to continue in your calling and giftings.

So I say unto you you can't quit, you must never quit. 
Do not even think of turning back. You don't have time.
My people are hurting, If you don't help them,  then who will help them?