You must move, you must move. 
You canít stay.  ENOUGH!!.  I said ENOUGH!.   
You canít stay.  You shall not have her.  You shall not have her.   
You shall not confuse her anymore.  You shall not have her.   
She is Mine!!  You shall not hurt her anymore. 

I will purge her of it, I will purge her of it.   
You canít fight Me.  You canít fight Me.   
I sent you away before, you shall not return.   
You shall not hurt her again.   
Her body belongs to Me.   
She is Mine.   

You donít have to go back!!!  
    The enemy is trying to convince you that you must return to your past.  
You must not listen.  That is not my voice!  
I delivered you, I fought for you, I freed you.  
You donít have to go back!

  Tell satan he is a liar.  
There is no truth in what he is saying  
Close your ears to him, hear only My voice, only my voice.


Comments from Minister Shearon,

I wrote this the night following prayer with Minister Kent.  For days the enemy had been trying to convince me to return to my former husband.  He said he had changed his life, and was willing to be supportive of the work God had anointed me to do in the ministry.  We know all manner of sin shall be forgiven, so here I was putting this before the Lord.  No, I didn't want to return to this marriage, but I cried out and told the Lord I didn't want to, but I had promised to do whatever He wanted me to do.  And if it was His will that I return, then return I would.  That night in prayer God did battle for my soul.  The words you have read above were spoken by God through my prayer partner.  I hadn't told him what was going on, but God did.

There was such a battle going on inside of me that night, I felt as if all strength was gone.  When the Lord finally stopped speaking.  He began to minister to my spirit, and to let me know that He was there.  It wasn't His voice that was trying to convince me to return, and when I spoke that I was willing to do whatever He wanted me to do,  regardless of how I felt, He told the enemy enough.  He said going back would lead to death. 

Yes, the Lord will allow the enemy to test us.  Just as He allowed him to test Job and Peter.  I was tested.  Praise God, I passed... will you?  Will you be able to say yes Lord to His will, yes Lord to his way? Will you be willing to go all the way?

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Love and Blessings to you