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GOD's CALLING Will You Answer?


Listen God's calling.  Answer the call.  You have Caller ID you know who it is.  You can't use call blocking on God.  You can't use your privacy director.  He is calling and will continue to call because He loves you.  Answer the call. Has God called you? 

It may come in stages, yet in your soul you know.  You knew the instant it was Him calling.  You know He has a plan for your life.  Yet you stare at the Call, not wanting to answer.  It's still ringing.

Oh so you say you can't answer right now because you have something in your hand, and you are telling God that as soon as I am finished, I will do what you want me to do.  We all have something in our hands when God calls us.  It's hard to find a person who doesn't have something in their hands prior to God's calling.  We tend to take care of those things first, and thus what God wants us to do is delayed.  Most of us are like that if we care to admit it, something in our hands.  Whether it's the job, friends, loved ones, social status, or whatever, that something in our hands is delaying God's work. 

I know you think surely this will pass, but it won't.  You can pretend you don't hear Him, but He won't go away.  You see, the Lord is not going to withdraw the call, so go ahead answer the Call. 

Rom 11:29  For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Do you think you are the only one who had something in their hands when God called them?  Let's look at Moses.  Moses had something in his hands when God called him (I have been walking with Moses again). Oh we may delay it with the thing in our hand, and make all kind of excuses, but the call remains.

So you say you have no confidence.  Good God is looking for people who have no confidence in themselves.

Phi 3:3  For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit,
and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

You are in a spot, called and not responding. Called and ignoring, but then you have never done that, have you? No, not you. You haven�t ignored the calling on your life? Yeah, right, neither did I, and neither did Moses.

Let's take a look at Moses. 

Moses was pretty much minding his own business when the Lord appeared to him as a burning bush. Moses turned aside to get a better look; after all you don't see a burning bush every day.  It was time (God's time) for His people to be delivered and He chose Moses to be the instrument for their deliverance.   Did Moses say "Here I am Lord send me? No.  He complained, and started listing many reasons as to why he thought God was mistaken.  God... mistaken?  Where did He get that? 
But the Lord patiently overcame all the objections that Moses could muster. I recalled my own objections when the Lord called me. What about you, have you answered the call or are you still in the objecting stage? Well, that is between you and the Lord, but remember, He has brought you here to show you something.

Do you know that God loves you just the way you are? Here and now today He loves you more than you can possibly know. All you need to do is listen to what He is saying.  Find a place as quiet as quiet can be and start listening. Don't just think, yes, I should do that. You have to DO IT! Do it now, today.   Gods calling. It is imperative for you that you answer the call.  You need the Lord's guidance in everything that you do, and the only way you can receive His guidance is to listen and answer the Call.

Tell me, aren't you tired of not knowing what to do or where to turn?  You have to be, and you are beginning to run out of places to hide (or least you think you are hiding).

God has a calling for each of us. You know in your heart that He is calling you. You can "feel" that tug on your heart, or know something that is right outside of your grasp is pulling on you. That's the Spirit of the Lord, He is not going away.  I hear you saying other things have pulled you and vied for your attention. Good things and evil things, but the Holy Spirit is the only one that will confess Jesus as Lord. The Holy Spirit is the only one who will always agree with the Word.  The Holy Spirit is not going away, He is not going to let you rest until the thing is done.

You can always keep doing things the way you are doing them, but don't be surprised when you get the same results. Tell me, who can stand against God? Who can stand against the name of Jesus? Well the choice is yours. As for me I'll spend my time listening and waiting on the Lord.

Are you still there?  Good so is God. He is still calling.  Are you wondering if it's the Lord that is calling you?  Answer Him and see. Go ahead pick up the phone.   I ask these questions because God is speaking to you today. 



God's calling

And he is calling because we have too many people volunteering to do God's work.  God do not approve of those that are doing His work without being sent.  These people are doing damage to the church.   God is not pleased with this, and He is crying out.

My spirit is crying out for My people.  Help My people. 
The church is beginning to look like the world. 
People aren�t wanting to go to church. 
What have they done to My church? 
What has happened to My church?  
There must be a separation. 

Ministers are deceiving My people.
What have they done to My church? 

Help My people. My people are being led astray.

 To do anything without being sent is like building your house on sand.  It may stand for a while, but it will be destroyed at the judgment seat of Christ.   You can't preach the Cross without having experience of the Cross, and the spirit of the Cross. 

God is not pleased with man�s presumptuous actions, and His word says so.  

Psalm 19:13  Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sin

Deut 1:43  So I spake unto you; and ye would not hear,
but rebelled against the commandment of the LORD, and went presumptuously up into the hill.




There are times that the Lord assigns certain tasks to us. 

It is in those times that we need to trust in Him for all we need to get the job done.  We must allow the circumstances to dictate to us whether or not we will obey God.   We must be obedient, and know that He is with us in all we do.  He will never ask us to do anything without the way already being made.  He would never allow us to fail.  He would never lie to us.

Num 23:19  God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

It doesn't matter that you don't feel worthy enough. What matters is your willingness to the Lord.  He has already looked beyond your faults; He knows you can do it. You must use what He has blessed you with.  Lay down what is in your hands, and pick up what God has given you to do. Trust Him he won't fail.

Pro3:5-6  Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


You have known in your heart that you have power. 
All the power that you need is within you.
You must learn to use it. 
It�s up to you to use it. 

Don�t hold back on what I have given you.
You must learn to trust Me. 
To trust what I have given you.

Whenever you are weak feast in Me. 
I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



The Word of The Lord Today

Patsy Shelton
Mar 25, 2003

A Church Divided Cannot Stand
Today I kept hearing the Lord say two things. First a church divided cannot stand, and I command My blessings where there is unity among the brethren.  There is a harvest waiting to be reaped, but I cannot release the harvest into My current day church. There is no unity amongst the brethren. There is dissention, disagreement, strife and envy. Some of My people believe My written word, while others chose to believe that only the New Testament applies and that the Old Testament has passed away. There is great confusion in My camps, and confusion breeds confusion. Did I not say that fruit is produced after it's kind? So, I am withholding the harvest.

Are the harvest fields white? Yes! Are there laborers?

Yes! But to whom should I release them? Do I release them to those that have mixed the oil and the wine? Or should I release them to those that believe My law, without the grace and mercy that My Son's death poured upon it? Should I release it to those that believe only the New Testament applies, and that there are not rules and requirements? And that all you have to do is be led by a spirit.  My people bring hurt and disappointment to My heart. The old represents the natural, and the new represents the Spirit, and together they make a whole. If you live by the rules that I have set out in the Old Testament, then you will be able to soar in the spirit of the New Testament.

The old and the new together bring balance into the lives of My people. The old without the new produces Pharisees, or the religious. The new without the old brings deception to my people, and leads them into a spiritual realm, and in this realm there are many spirits, but not My Holy Spirit.

There are many to whom I have gone and knocked on their hearts door, and they opened it and asked Me to come in, and I am hiding them from the church. Why you ask? Because they would come into the church, drowning in confusion, and these would be lost to Me forever. So, I have kept them, and I have taught them by My Spirit, and they have purity in their hearts. There is no unity because I have not yet become the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. When I begin to rule in the midst of My people, then there will be unity among the brethren and I will command the blessings.. And in this The Third Day, I will raise up a people that are one with the Us, and We will command blessings upon them.. And then We will have a church that will be one with Us, and We will command the blessings upon it. And the blessing to be revealed is the harvest that We have held back. And the spirit of deception that has infiltrated the church will be exposed and revealed.

This glorious church that We are raising up will be a shelter from the storm, and it will be a sanctuary for the hurting. When there is unity among the brethren My Glory will be in it, on it, and around it. And the likes of it has never been seen before.


It is "YOUR MOVE"!


The question arose to Pilate when Jesus was brought before Him "What shall I do then with Jesus which is the Christ?" This same question is one which everyone, believers or not, must answer. One can not simply "wash their hands" of it as Pilate tried to do. We all must answer that question "What will you do about Jesus?" Accept Him as the Son of God or not?

Jesus, the Son of God, was sent here to die for us on the cross in our place. This was "God's Move". Now it is our turn... what will we do with Jesus?

It is "YOUR MOVE"! Answer the Call


How Much Do You Love Me?

One day I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Ah, the beauty of God's creation is beyond description. As I watched, I praised God for His beautiful work. As I sat there the Lord brought His presence on me.

He asked me, "Do you love Me?"

I answered, "Of course God! You are my Lord and my Savior!"

Then He asked, "If you were physically handicapped, would you still love me?"

I was perplexed. I looked down upon my arms, legs, and the rest of my body and wondered how many things I wouldn't be able to do. The things that I took for granted. And I answered, "It would be tough, Lord, but I would still love you."

Then the Lord said, "If you were blind, would you still love my creation?"

How could I love something without being able to see it? Then I thought of all the blind people in the world and how many of them still loved God and His creation. So I answered, "It's hard to think of it, but I would still love you."

The Lord then asked me, "If you were deaf, would you still listen to my word?"

How could I listen to anything being deaf? Then I understood. Listening to God's Word is not merely using our ears, but our hearts. I answered, "It would be tough, but I would still listen to Your Word."

The Lord then asked, "If you were mute, would you still praise My Name?"

How could I praise without a voice? Then it occurred to me, God wants us to sing from our very heart and soul. It never matters what we sound like. And praising God is not always with a song, but when we are persecuted. We give God praise with our words of thanks. So I answered, "Though I could not physically sing, I would still praise Your Name."

And the Lord asked, "Do you really Love Me?" With courage and a strong conviction, I answered boldly, "Yes Lord! I love you because You are the one and true God!" I thought that I had answered well, but God asked, "Then why do you sin?"

I answered, "Because I am only human. I am not perfect." "Then why in times of peace do you stray the furthest? Why only in times of trouble do you pray the earnest?"

No answer. Only tears.

The Lord continued. "Why only sing at fellowships and retreats? Why seek Me only in times of worship? Why ask things so selfishly? Why ask things so unfaithfully?"

The tears continued to roll down my cheek.

"Why are you ashamed of Me? Why are you not spreading the good news? Why in times of persecution, you cry to others when I offer My shoulder to cry on? Why make excuses when I give you opportunities to serve in My name?"

I tried to answer, but there was no answer to give.

"You are blessed with life. I made you not to throw this gift away. I have blessed you with talents to serve Me, but you continue to turn away. I have stretched My word to you, but you do not gain in knowledge. I have spoken to you, but your ears were closed. I have shown my blessings to you, but your eyes were turned away. I have sent you servants, but you sat idly by as they were pushed away. I have heard your prayers, and I have answered them all." "Do you truly love Me?"

I could not answer. How could I? I was embarrassed beyond belief. I had no excuse. What could I say to this? When my heart had cried out, and the tears had flowed, I said, "Please forgive me Lord. I am unworthy to be Your child."

The Lord answered, "That is My grace My child."

I asked, "Then why do you continue to forgive me? Why do you Love me so?"

The Lord answered, "Because you are My creation. You are My child. I will never abandon you. When you cry, I will have compassion and cry with you. When you scream in joy, I will laugh with you. When you are down, I will encourage you. When you fall, I will raise you up. When you are tired I will carry you. I will be with you 'til the end of the days, and I will love you forever."

Never had I cried so hard before. How could I have been so cold? How could I have hurt God as I had done? I asked God, "How much do You Love me?"

And the Lord stretched out His arms, As they were nailed to the cross. I bowed down at the feet of Christ, my Savior. And for the first time, I truly prayed.


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