A month of Prayers for your Spouse


While doing a Bible study on Ephesians, I was struck by the verse in chapter five about how husbands  should love their spouses “just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for their to make their holy, cleansing their by the washing with water through the word” (v. 26, emphasis added).

As I thought about how I could wash my spouse “with water through the word,” I came up with a list of things from Psalm 119 that I can pray for their each day. I love praying these things for my spouse, as the Word is so central to their walk with Jesus. I also find that their knowledge of and saturation with the Scriptures is an encouragement and protection to me. I have found often that God leads me in my personal life and as I lead others through my spouse’s counsel. How important it is for them to be washed with and living the Scriptures.

 Why not pray these things for your spouse? Take each point, look up the verse, and turn it into a prayer. Pray one each day of the month.



1. That they will learn the Word (119:7).

2. That they will hide the Word in their heart and not sin against God (119:11).

3. That they will declare the Word before others (119:13).

4. That they will meditate on the Word and learn the ways of God (119:15).

5. That they will delight in the Word and not neglect it (119:16).

6. That their eyes will be opened to see wonderful things in the Word (119:18).

7. That their soul will be consumed with a longing for the Word at all times (119:20).

8. That the Word will be their counsel in all things (119:24).

9. That when they are discouraged, the Word will be their life and strength and delight (119:25, 28, 143).

10. That the Lord will give their understanding and discernment of the Word (119:27).

11. That God will be gracious to them and keep them from deceitful ways through the Word (119:29).

12. That their heart will be turned to the Word and away from selfish gain and worthless things (119:36, 37).

13. That as they grasps the goodness of the Word, God will take away any dread or fear that may have a hold on them (119:39).

14. That they will trust in the Word, and use it to answer the enemy who taunts them (119:42).

15. That the Word of truth will not be snatched from their mouth (119:43).

16. That they will seek out the Word and find in it freedom for daily living (119:45).

17. That they will have opportunity to speak the Word to people of influence, and that they will do it boldly and without shame (119:46).

18. That their love and longing for the Word will grow, and that it will be sweeter and more valuable to them with each passing day (119:47, 72, 103, 131).

19. That the Word will come to them during times of trial and bring them comfort (119:52, 61, 83).

20. That they will be grieved when the Word is forsaken (119:53,136).

21. That the Word will be their song regardless of their outward surroundings (119:54).

22. That they will have friends who follow the Word (119:63).

23. That the LORD will do good to them according to His Word (119:65).

24. That they will learn knowledge and good judgment through the Word (119:66).

25. That they will meditate long and often on the Word, gleaning much insight from it (119:97, 99).

26. That they will stay far from evil paths so they can obey the Word (119:101).

27. That the Word will be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path, bringing them delight (119:105).

28. That they will stand in awe of the Word (119:120).

29. That the meaning of the Word will unfold to their, and that it will give them light and understanding (119:130).

30. That they will be convinced that the Word is righteous and fully trustworthy (119:138).

31. That when they stray, they will seek the Word and that it will woo and them back to God (119:176).


Excerpted from Pray! magazine issue 33