Jesus Cares
Gerald Whetstone

The storm came out of no where, totally unexpected and it was furious. The wave beat against the small craft, breaking over the sides swamping it. The men feverishly worked to bail out the water to no avail. The were sure they we going down. Right in the middle of obeying Jesus they find themselves in peril and where is Jesus through all of this? Totally exhausted He is in the stern sleeping! The men, sure they are goners, sought Him out, woke Him and shouted, "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?"! (Mark 4:38d)

This is not the only storm that the Twelve will face. Each storm offered a lesson or two to be learned. Though a cursory reading of the accounts might lead someone to think they are all the same event told in different ways, the key is in the lessons. The most obvious lesson in this storm was Jesus' Lordship over creation, "Even the winds and the waves obey Him!" Is this the only lesson in this account?

The disciples' fear blinded them to the miracle that was already happening, a boat "nearly swamped" had not sunk yet. (Mark 4:37) Even more, blinded, terrified, and buffeted by the storm they concluded that Jesus didn't care about them or their desperate situation. If He cared He would help bail out the boat. If He really cared He would not have allowed this to happen. It was obvious to these frightened followers, Jesus didn't care.

Jesus' answer to their poignant inquiry was the quieting of the storm and these words; "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" Did Jesus care? He cared enough to be with them in the storm. He cared enough to keep the boat from sinking though swamped with water. He cared enough to respond to their cry for help. He cared enough to compassionately still the storm.

We, like the twelve, often allow life's storms to shake our faith and blind us to the miracle in progress. In times of furious storms we too find ourselves allowing the circumstances and situation to determine our understanding of God's watchful care, erroneously thinking He doesn't care. We need not be afraid and faith-less. Rather we need to embrace the glorious reality that Jesus does care. He cares enough to be with us in our storm. He cares enough to support us and keep our boats afloat. He cares enough to respond to our cries for help. He cares enough to quiet our storms in perfect timing. And lest we forget these, we know He cares fro His Word affirms it and the cross sealed it. His hands, His feet, and His side bear the marks of the depth of His caring for us.

This is not a new message and this is far from being the only time this lesson is taught. We are a forgetful people, especially when the waves are beating against us. That is why we need repeat it over and over. Does Jesus care? Oh Yes He cares! What we need to do is keep our faith and lives grounded in Him for He will see us through. He is with is. He is still the master of the waves and winds. He is Lord!

Beloved let us trust Him for in time we too will be standing in terrified awe saying, "Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him!" (Mark 4:41) Jesus Cares!