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  Memo from: God  

    For: My dear Son/Daughter   

   Simon Dewey art print: Arise and Walk

Today, I GOD, will be handling your problems.  Please remember that I do not need your help. If you find yourself in a situation that you cannot handle, donít try to resolve it.  I ask that you kindly collect them in a basket.

ďSomething that only GOD can doĒ I will take care of the problem on MY TIME, not yours. Once youíve placed your problem in that basket, donít worry about it anymore or try to remove it from the basket. Doing this will only keep the problem around longer. If it is a situation that you believe you can take care of on your own, I ask that you please consult me in prayer to make sure youíve made the right decision. Seeing that I never sleep, your problems would never make me lose any sleep.  There is no reason for you to lose sleep because of your worries. Rest in ME. If you ever wish to contact me, I am only at the distance of a prayer. 

Also consider the following: Be happy with what you have. If you find it hard to sleep at night, remember there are people who have no place to sleep.  If you find yourself stuck in traffic, donít worry. There are people in this world that to whom being able to drive is a privilege.  Have you ever had a bad day at work? Think of those people that have gone years without finding work.  Are you brokenhearted about a relationship that did not work out? Think of those people who do not know how to love or have never been loved. 

Does the weekend ending upset or depress you? Think of those people who work more than 18 hours a day during the week watching our kids and cherish those weekends.  Has your car ever broken down in the middle of the road far from any help? Think of those paralyzed people for whom would love to be able to walk the distance to get help.

Have you noticed more gray hairs? Think of those people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer who would love to just have hair.  Have you reached the age of 40 and feel lost in life? Be grateful, there are many who do not even live to that age to find out anything.  Have you ever found a time in your life where you are the object of ignorance, belittling or envy? Remember that things could be worse. You could be one of those people full of ignorance or envy.

Do you feel like you donít help others as you should? Remember, you are part of the solution, you can illuminate their day and not even know. Send them this memo to brighten their day.  Are there days when you feel like you donít have a friend? ÖÖ Remember that a friend is sending this to you.