The Saddest Thing Jesus Ever Saw



Jesus has seen it all, from beginning to end. Can you imagine all of the things He has seen. He saw Adam in the garden, when he disobeyed God, and had to hide himself. But was that the saddest thing Jesus ever saw? No...

Jesus saw Cain kill Abel, and it was not the saddest thing He had ever seen. When the floods came and Noah and his family were the only ones to survive, and all of the people on earth died, it still wasn't the saddest thing that Jesus saw. When the people with Moses, turned away from God and made and worshipped idols and false gods, that wasn't the saddest thing He has ever seen.

When Jesus Himself walked the earth and performed miracle after miracle, and His own people would not accept Him. Was that the saddest thing He had ever seen? No...When Jesus learned that His good friend Lazarus had died, it still wasn't the saddest thing He had ever seen. When Jesus Came back from praying,and found His disciples asleep, was that the saddest thing? No...

When Judas kissed Him and betrayed Him, it should have been the saddest thing, but it wasn't. When He was made fun of and beaten and Peter, His favorite, denied knowing Him, now that has to be the saddest... but it's not. When His own people paraded Him down the street mocking Him and taunting Him, and spitting on Him...this surely is the saddest...No it's not.

When His own people dragged Him to Golgotha and threw Him down and nailed His hands and feet to a cross, not just simply did it, but they hammered and hammered as hard as they could while He cried out in pain. While His people and His disciples looked on. Was this the saddest thing Jesus had ever seen? No it was not. They hoisted Him up and up, the pain getting greater with every movement of the cross. He looked out and saw His mother weeping on her knees. Yes this should be the saddest thing He ever saw... but again it was not.

A soldier thrust a sword into His side, He cried out again, Father! forgive them! Father! forgive them for they no not what they do! Is this the saddest thing you've ever seen. Maybe, but it was not the saddest thing Jesus had ever seen. Jesus looked out from that cross, with it getting harder and harder to breathe, and He saw all mankind, through all the reaches of the earth and through the span of all time.

He saw Adam, Abel, Noah. He saw Moses and Peter, and He saw you and me. He saw all of mankind living in their sin, and it still was not the saddest thing He had ever seen. He tried to take another breath and it just wouldn't come in. He tried again, and again and again, but the weight was too much. He cried out to God one more time from the cross...His weight was lifted. And with Him He took the weight and the burdens of all mankind. He saw the people walking away, and He saw the pain and grief in His disciples as they left. But this is still not the saddest thing He has ever seen.

He arose three days later and declared victory over the grave and death. And said whosoever believe on Him shall not perish but, shall have everlasting life. He watched as His disciples were put to death for the name of Jesus. He watched as Peter died upside down on a cross. And it still was not the saddest thing He has seen. He watched as Steven was stoned to death for the Name of Jesus. And it too was not the saddest thing He had ever seen.

The saddest thing that Jesus has ever seen is to watch people read this story, know who He is, know all that Jesus has done for the salvation of their souls, and their families, the healings, the pain and anguish of the disciples, the promises of God...And walk away...That just broke His heart! Yes, that is the saddest thing Jesus has ever seen.

People don't put Him on the cross again. Give yourselves to Him, you don't have to carry that weight any more, give it to Him, time is so short. Don't be lost in a world without Jesus.

~Author Unknown~


"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6