Still Called Today

He swore to follow to the death.

He swore to remain faithful.

After the rooster crowed thrice,

He discovered himself to be a liar.

A follower of Christ from the start,

Witnessing His miracles first hand,

Seeing Him calm the raging sea,

Himself walking on water with Christ,

He never guessed he would betray Him.

When He did, the guilt that overtook him.

As he walked by the seaside.

His heart torn.

His spirit shaken.

His faith questionable,

Would Christ still use him?

Did he fail too badly?

Commit the unpardonable sin?

How his heart jumped at His appearance,

Jesus had forgiven him and restored him.

He found out that Christ never lost hope.

Still called him to serve,

How I have failed God repeatedly.

Denying Him in my life,

After being delivered from hell,

Healed in my mind,

My emotions,

How it seemed I strayed too far.

Thinking God had no more use for me.

Failed Him too many times,

I walked by the seaside of life,

My heart broken.

My spirit shaken.

My faith questionable,

Many times Christ appeared to me.

Forgiving me,

Restoring me,

Never once lost hope in me.

Showed me I am still His.

No matter how many times we fail,

Deny God in our lives.

Think God has no more use for us.

Failed Him too many times,

Walked along the sea sides of life.

With our hearts broken,

Our spirits shaken,

Our faith questionable,

Christ will appear to us.

Forgiving us,

Restoring us,

Reminding us, He never lost hope.

Reminding us, we are still called today.